Allover Design
Allover Designs

A distinct collection of wood design that has the look and feel of exotic wood grains in every single tile format. This flooring style leaves you with a seamless and natural look of wood.

Planked Designs
Planked Designs

This pattern has a more handcrafted appeal. Each wooden tile is put Together in an array of 2-3 slim tiles interspersed with grains and crown, creating a rich and intricate canvas of natural woods.


Curvy Dynamic Effect


Straight Line EFFECT

Ac3 Green Floormax (AC3) (Residential /Light Commercial)

Recommended for residential and low footfall areas.

Ac4 Green Floormax Plus (AC4)(Commercial)

Recommended for commercial and office spaces or any high traffic area like retail outlets and malls because of thicker abrasion resistant top layer.